I got a Facebook message from a friend last night that resurfaced an idea from my past… I should write a book.  Not many of you know this, but in 2006 I made a short film starring Mo Rocca (from The Daily Show) called “Piece of Cake” about an overweight girl trying to slim down for her best friend’s wedding.  That character was based on myself and all of the crazy diets I’ve been on in my life.  While my writing wasn’t the best – it was my ambition & ability to manage such a big project that really stood out.  Ever since that film I have been looking for another exciting creative project worthy of the time that’s bound to be invested in to it. 

The biggest struggle has been content… what would it be about?  My ideas were scattered all over the place.  I’m always intrigued by ambitious and strong women from the early 1900’s so I latched on to the idea of doing a film about Louise Wooster, a famous Birmingham madam who claims she had a love affair with John Wilkes Booth.  The story is powerful, sexual & mysterious.  But, it just never felt like it was the right time to take on that specific script.

Something has always replayed in my mind over and over again that I heard in a script writing class a few years back (by Elizabeth Bradley Hunter)… write what you know.  I know The Jen West Quest.

This is an opportunity to write about everything – my weight-loss struggles, my goal to be an Ironwoman, and lots of personal topics that I haven’t even touch the surface of… but most of all my deep internal urge to be known for something important.  Don’t we all want to be important?

So this is my official announcement of a new Quest – to write a book.  Like before, I promise to blog every day about my progress until I have a finished copy of it sitting in my hand.  I feel like a new fire has been lit inside my soul… I’ve been waiting YEARS for that to happen.

(And for those of you waiting on pins and needles for the other two announcements, they are coming very soon!  I promise!)

New York City!