It’s Sidewalk Film Festival weekend!  One of my favorite times of year here in Birmingham, Alabama.  Read full coverage by Wade Kwon here (with some reviews by moi!).  Some photos from last night’s kick-off party are also included below.

I have some initial thoughts for an outline of the book I want to write.   Over the weekend I will flesh it out and post for you guys to see.   The overall tone will be funny & light-hearted in nature.  I want it to be a fun read, but also insightful & meaningful.  Think Bridget Jones’s Diary (the first one), but instead of exploring the life of a “singleton” my book will explore the life of a woman who is married that makes unusual and atypical choices.

This morning I went on my weekly Friday morning run with the Foster family!  Oh, how I love them.  We added an extra hill at the end that really pushed us past our normal routine.  We rock!!  Matthew especially since he had to push the stroller.  🙂

I feel confident about this weekend and my ability to stick with my eating plan, even though my schedule is going to be out of whack for at least 3 days.  Then on Monday I fly out with coworker for a social media conference in Jacksonville, Florida until Wednesday.  It’s times like this that I am SO GRATEFUL to have CarbLovers.  It makes eating out less stressful… and a pleasant experience.  Eating should not be feared, but something to look forward to!!

My Friday morning running family!!! (The Fosters)