Last night while I was watching the Sidewalk Film Festival trailers at the Alabama Theatre along with a crowd of about 2,000 people, I felt a rush of inspiration to be surrounded by so many creative people.  To make a film is no small undertaking – there has to be a great script, talented production crew, good director & producer, and an excellent post production team to make a quality film exceptional enough to get in to film festivals such as Sidewalk.  I was sure to take a few moments to absorb all of the strong creative energies floating around.

Today & tomorrow I am managing the SideTalk panels at the festival – so if you are around be sure to come visit me.  🙂 

People are really excited about my book, which makes me want to dive in this very second to start writing it.  My friend Wade Kwon had the great idea of posting “pages” each week (to eventually replace my bikini weight-loss photos).  I am definitely going to do something along those lines so there is a visual to measure my progress.

I was going to get my exercise in this morning, but I am running out of time fast.  My next option is to run after my SideTalk panels (around 5ish) before all of the evening’s festivities start.  I’m a little concerned with what to eat for lunch today too… but there are plenty of food options close by.  I may just walk over to the Subway and get my go-to Veggie Delight 6 inch sub on whole grain bread. YUM!!!