What day is it?  Oh yes, Sunday.  I don’t think the month of September could have been any busier for me, but I am SO GRATEFUL that it’s been full of things & people that I love.  September has been a month of friends, festivals & opportunity.  Cheers to that!!

Yesterday I had zero energy left to make it to the big Saturday night Sidewalk Film Festival party.  I shouldn’t be shocked… it happens every year.  But Mike went and represented for the both of us while I was snoozing in our bed.  🙂

This morning I am going to get in a long run then head to SideTalks again until about 4ish.  After that, I will go in to work for a while since I will be out-of-town Monday-Wednesday for the social media conference.  I will end my day at the Sidewalk award show at WorkPlay… one of my favorite events of the festival.  Can’t wait!

While I’m in Jacksonville  I am going to set aside a few hours each day and really plan out my book.  I’ve been thinking about it all weekend and can’t wait to get my ideas down on paper.  Guys- this is it.  This is the creative opportunity I’ve been waiting for, and I’m going to do it in a big way. 

My friend Clay Shannon and I take a break from films at the "Sidelot".