I made a fabulous discovery last night in Jacksonville, FL – YogaBerry!  It is an establishment that serves up a variety of organic frozen yogurt flavors & toppings like fresh fruit and oats.  TO DIE FOR.  Unfortunately, they do not have a location where I live in Birmingham (only in Florida & Georgia at this time).  With that being said, I have seen several similar yogurt places pop up recently in my area.  People are catching the healthy fever that is fresh, local & organic food awareness.  And not to slam my home state (really, I actually love where I live)… if it is reaching Alabama, it is probably happening everywhere.  So to wrap up this topic, tonight I am skipping my usual hot dinner for a nice helping of yummy frozen yogurt.  🙂

I did some creative writing & brainstorming last night while hanging out in my hotel room.  Here are some initial thoughts to the elements of the story arc:

-A couple perfectly suited for each other in every way deals with the struggles & joys of the choice to pursue personal ambitions over having children.  

-A woman who used to be obsessed with food in all the wrong ways becomes a “foodie” – someone who appreciates tastes, textures & origins, not quantity and fat content.

-This same woman struggles with body image issues.  What she sees in the mirror isn’t what everyone else sees.  This affects her sexuality in the sense that she is in her 30’s and has never experienced real pleasure, purely by consequence of her state of mind.  

The Conflict
-How does she conquer these challenges – the decision to not have children, to achieve her larger than life dreams, to become a sexual person, and to love food in all the right ways?