We are welcoming a new employee in our department today (yay Cayleigh!) and celebrating with the cutest freakin’ cupcakes I have ever seen!  They are teeny tiny and all different flavors (see photo below).  YUM.  I passed on the goodies though since I want to save any treats for our cruise next week.  🙂

Have you ever noticed that most people celebrate with food?  On your anniversary, you go out to dinner.  You eat cake for birthdays & weddings.  Pizza, wings & beer for football games.  It goes on and on.  I have even caught myself thinking that once I lose all of my weight, I am going to eat dessert one night for dinner to celebrate.  Isn’t that backwards?  Why would I celebrate weight-loss with food?  It reminds me of something Sonthe taught us from the very beginning – you need to find ways to reward yourself without putting something in your mouth.  Food for thought.

I don’t have much time to write today since I am super busy at work… so I promise to do something special for tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Friday!

Cupcakes for Cayleigh!

My coworker Beth eating her Subway sandwich! 😀