No, seriously… I ate a tongue.  And it tasted good.  (Irony?)

Last night I spent the evening with some of my friends at Rojo & then Chez Fonfon, a french bistro in 5 Points South.  (Chez Fonfon just so happens to be my FAVORITE restaurant of all time.)  I got a wild hair and decided to order the Beef Tongue Lyonnaise as an appetizer… mostly as a joke and to see who on our table would actually try it.  When they brought it out, it literally looked like a sliced tongue (I know, what was I expecting?).  The reaction at the table was pretty priceless, and out of 6 people only 3 of us gave it a try.  It was really good!  The tongue had a roast beef flavor, and the texture was really soft and creamy.  Not words I would ever think to use when describing something made of meat.  🙂  For the main course I ordered the swordfish special with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  Eating there is always a treat!

This morning I woke up pretty early to meet my friend Vero for a 5.8 mile run downtown.  We have a new route that takes us by Sloss & Railroad Park.  LOVE.  I am going to meet her again tomorrow & Monday morning to get in my last good workouts before the cruise.  The boat will have a gym, but I can never seem to do much more than 30 minutes on a treadmill before becoming bored to tears.

I am really excited to have the quiet time on the cruise to be creative and focus on my book.  I came up with some really solid ideas earlier this week that I can’t wait to flesh out more.  It is amazing how fluid and natural this project is coming to me.  For the past few years, every creative project that I tried to start felt forced and unnatural.  Like the timing wasn’t right or the energy wasn’t there.  This time, it feels different!

Work friends on the patio at Rojo

Sarah, Jenny and I at Chez Fonfon

Misty, Courtney & Beth at Chez Fonfon

Beef tongue at Chez Fonfon

Courtney's vegetable plate with Chez Fonfon's famous pomme frites!

My dinner - swordfish with seasonal vegetables!

Lunch & Dinner Menus

View Chez Fonfon’s Restaurant Profile

La Petite Cuisine
Tartine with crabmeat, avocado and lemon  12.50
Steak tartare  13.75
Charcuterie platter  17.50
Beef tongue Lyonnaise   8.95
Grilled and cured sausages with radishes and céleri root  7.75
Country pâté with pork, ham, foie gras and pistachios  12.75
Potato cakes with gravlax, horseradish and arugula 12.50
Escargots with parsley and shallot butter  8.75
Bibb salad with pears, pecans and lemon-buttermilk dressing  8.75
Salade Fonfon—frisée, cress, rocket and walnuts with bleu de causses 7.75
Chicken liver mousse with grilled bread and herbs 7.75
Soupe du jour   7.50

Les Grands Plats
Moules et frites—Basque style with chorizo, tomato and paprika  15.75
Shrimp and avocado salad with sauce rémoulade  14.75
Turkey sandwich with blue cheese aïoli, caramelized onions, and arugula  9.95
Croque Monsieur—French “ham & cheese” with pommes frites  9.50
Croque Madame—griddled ham and comté with fried egg and pommes frites  10.95
Omelette with duck confit, mushrooms and greens 14.95
Hamburger Fonfon with comté and pommes frites  10.50
Trout with brown butter, capers and brabant potatoes  16.25
Salade composée with grilled chicken, eggplant, zucchini and tomato 14.50
Alsatian stuffed cabbage with braised pork shoulder and apples 16.95
Grilled salmon with lentils du puy and olive butter 18.50
Steak frites—grilled ribeye with pommes frites, a small salad and a blue cheese-peppercorn butter  25.95
Grilled lamb chops with potato galette and arugula   one  20.00  or  two  35.00

Lunch special:  soup and half of a turkey sandwich  10.00

haricots vert & shallots  4.25              lentils du puy 4.25pommes frites  4.25         brabant potatoes 4.25                    roast butternut with laurel  4.25

Spécialité du jour
Mardi Provençal stuffed vegetables with lamb and rice 19.50
Mercredi Coq au vin 16.95
Jeudi Crabcake with fines herbes  21.95
Vendredi Boeuf à la crécy 21.95

Chaque jour:  simple grilled fish with sauce gribiche, or  beurre blanc,or  field pea, cucumber and sweet pepper relish  M.P.

Lemon tart *  Chocolate pot de crème       Caramel nut tart 7.50

Cocktails PatrÓn, Lime & Cointreau  10.00
Havana Sidecar  7.95
Highlands Martini  7.95
Blackberry Cosmopolitan 9.00
Pyrat’s Daiquiri  9.00 Sazerac  7.50
Orange Thing  7.95
Lillet  7.00 Pastis  6.50
French 75  7.95 Pimm’s Cup  6.50
Pardis’ Margarita  9.75
Citron pressé  4.00
Carafe: La Vieille Ferme blanc ’08 ou rouge ’07  15.00
Harney & Son’s hot teas  4.00 Mountain Valley Water still or sparkling small  3.00    large  5.00

Bleu de Causses (cow)     Valençay (goat)L’Abbaye de Bel’loc (sheep)   Comté (cow)  Belle Chèvre (goat)    Thomasville Tomme (cow)

Lunch Served: Tuesday—Friday 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Dinner Served: Tuesday—Saturday 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday—Monday