CRUISE!!! –Day 1

We are having so much fun!  The weather turned out to be perfect and our room is HUGE.  It’s been really easy to eat well so far.  A lot of the food is pretty healthy, as long as you don’t eat massive portions.  This morning I found the gym and did a quick 3 miles on one of the treadmills.  It was pretty interesting to try and keep my balance while running since the ships sways back and forth so much. So I guess I got in a bonus ab workout.  😀

I only have one rule on this trip: Eat healthy.  I am not limiting my drinks… a girl’s gotta have a little fun.  😉

In just a few minutes Mike and I are going to hit the deck and soak up some rays (with our SPF 70). 😀  I plan to work on my book, then take a nap.  Vacation is GREAT!  See you tomorrow for Weigh-In Wednesday.