It’s Weigh-In Wednesday #27, and I have officially reached my goal weight of 145!  As a matter of a fact, I reached 145 before we left to go on the cruise, so I took my scale photo on Monday morning.  😀  It’s been hard to keep it a secret!!

Total pounds lost:  47
Starting BMI:  27.7
Current BMI:  20.8
Starting Pants Size:  14/16
Current Pants Size:  8

I don’t have the words to express the joy I feel.  It has literally been 14 years since I have been at this healthy weight.  Now, on to the maintenance program!

I plan to keep tracking my calories daily on MyPlate ( and to keep following the CarbLovers Diet… because it is a lifestyle that I can commit to forever.

Tomorrow’s post is going to be all about my book and the progress I’ve made while being on our trip.  In the meantime, we are about to go zip-lining in Cozumel!!!  😀 😀 😀

Weigh-In Wednesday #27 - GOAL REACHED!

Weigh-In Wednesday #27 - GOAL REACHED!

Weigh-In Wednesday #1 - 192.2 Pounds