Mike is a local celebrity on our cruise ship.  😀  One of the first nights here, he performed his famous “Copa Cabana” during karaoke hour and drove the crowd NUTS.  Ever since, people have been stopping us multiple times a day asking if he is “that karaoke guy”.   He actually made it to the finals here on the cruise ship, so tomorrow night he will be performing as James Brown in costume.  Ha!!!

We totally bottomed out last night after dinner and were in bed by 8 p.m.  Tonight, we are going to at least try and make it to the 10:30 p.m. 80’s retro club hour.  We will see…

Today we visited Calica and spent some quality time on the beach.  The water was gorgeous & freezing cold.

Man, a cruise can wipe you out.  I feel exhausted.  This might be a classic example of needing a vacation from your vacation.  But it’s definitely been a lot of fun!!

Before going to bed last night, I spent some quality alone time working on my book.  I’ve decided that it will be composed of “mini-stories”, chapters that cover different quests in my life.  My friend Charles had the great idea of calling it “The Seven Quests of Jen West”. If I follow that route, the quests will break down as follows (but not necessarily in this order):

-The Quest for Balance
-The Quest for Love
-The Quest for Experience
-The Quest for Meaning
-The Quest for Passion
-The Quest for Satisfaction
-The Quest for Fame

The different stories that will be contained within each quest will be my experiences with OCD, weight-loss, sexuality, travel, friends, family, triathlon, film, creativity, career and food.

The overall theme will be about trying to live your best life and the defining experiences that happen to each of us along the way.