Sorry for the delayed post today. I got up super early to take some photos for a work event and just got home. Speaking of events, most of you attend a handful each week – from birthdays, to sports & work functions. It is really hard to stick with any diet when someone is shoving a hamburger & french fries in your face. Especially when it seems like you have no other option.

This is where being prepared kicks in. You have no one to blame but yourself if you aren’t. It’s easy to pack high fiber snacks full of resistant starches that will keep you fuller longer (thanks CarbLovers!).  Anything from fruit (especially an apple or banana) to a Fiber One bar will do the trick.  You can eat smaller “meals” more frequently until you get back in your eating routine. Here is what will happen if you don’t:  you will eat that hamburger & mound of french fries and then feel like crap immediately afterwards (emotionally & physically).  Is it worth it? No. Sure, everyone deserves a snack or a “free” meal every now and then, but the name of the game is to PLAN. You have to be in control at all times.

Say you get stuck in a situation where you didn’t expect to be without your normal food options.  This is not an excuse to give up and eat a whole plate of garbage. Practice portion control. Know what is in the food you are eating. Start using a calorie counter so you can make educated choices.  There are tons of free ones out there and most have apps for your smartphone.

Off the topic of food, I am completely worn out. I hope to catch up on my work & rest this week while still finding the time to develop the outline for my book. My goal for tomorrow is to post some deadlines for myself. It is so easy to get caught up in life and delay projects that aren’t bringing you immediate gratification. I have to keep reminding myself that being creative is what keeps me alive & moving!!!


These kinds of "snacks" leave you wanting more.



The lunch served at the event I attended today.