Last night we went to a haunted house (Sloss Fright Furnace) and I made a total goober of myself.  Instead of being really scared (or at least playing along)  like most normal people I always go in with this cocky attitude like, Ha! You can’t scare me!  When the poor ghosts & zombies try to stare me down & chase me I turn into this weird 8-year-old boy mimicking them in return & totally ruining the experience for everyone else.  I end up laughing & dancing the whole time.  However, after typing that last sentence… maybe my haunted house experience isn’t so bad after all.  Because really, I can’t think of another time of year where I am so happy and laugh nearly as much… even if I get black-listed from all of the good haunted houses in town.  🙂

Of course none of this was helped by the fact that I had caffeine yesterday afternoon.  I am on a strict no-caffeine-at-any-given-time regimen because it basically makes me a loud crazy person.  No joke.  (Just ask my husband.)  And once it wears off, I become super bitch.  It’s not a pretty combination.  I remember a time when I was in high school, and even part of college, where drinking caffeine had almost no effect on me at all.  I could drink a soda before bed and instantly go to sleep.  That all changed in my early twenties, about the same time I started taking Prozac for my OCD.  I am not sure if there is any real relation with that, but I have a suspicion that there is.  It remains a mystery.  But one thing is for sure – caffeine is NOT my friend.

I know we all go through phases in life where we take things for granted, or maybe don’t see things as clearly as we should.  I feel like I have been guilty of this lately, especially with my sweet husband.  Mike – here is me NOT taking you for granted and owning up to my shortcomings.  I want to be everything to you that you are to me.  I love you!!!