It’s already been a big weekend… and it’s only Saturday morning!  Last night we went to my old high school’s last homecoming game in the football field my family grew up with.  It was such a fun night, and also strange to see so many faces from the distant past.  It’s funny how quickly you revert back to your “social ranks” from almost 14 years ago.  I actually have recurring dreams of being inside of our old school, usually triggered by stress or anxiety.  The dreams are very typical –  things like forgetting my locker combination or realizing that I’ve failed math and I have to go back to high school as an adult.  They are usually nightmares.

It’s amazing how only 14 years ago can seem like another lifetime.  I was a very different person, but also very much the same.  If I could do it over, I would be more confident & aggressive with my dreams.  Kinda like I’m doing now.  🙂

Today Mike and I are celebrating 1 year of marriage!!!  We even have our cake topper for later.  Our plans are to go to dinner at the restaurant we celebrated at the night of our wedding (Hot & Hot Fish Club), and then we are going to carve pumpkins with friends!

But before all of our anniversary celebrating, I am heading off to brunch & a football game with my friend Misty. 😀  I love brunch!!!  This morning Vero & I did our typical 6 mile weekend morning run, so I am ready to get some food in my belly.  Mmmmmm…