Mike and I are so lucky to have each other, and also very lucky to have such good friends.  Yesterday couldn’t have been any better.  The weather was perfect!  I started the day off with my friends Misty & Courtney by meeting them for brunch at Silvertron (after my 6 mile run with Vero, of course).  A few mimosas later, we strolled around Forest Park and I purchased the last few pieces of my Halloween costume.  We then headed off to Birmingham Southern’s homecoming football game, where Misty’s boyfriend was one of the coaches for the home team.  I finished off my time with them at Rojo (where we had a random turtle sighting) before heading home for our anniversary celebration.

Mike and I had the most AMAZING dinner at Hot and Hot Fish Club last night!  My friend Forest was working and ended up being our server, which was double awesome.  I let myself have the evening off and ordered whatever I pleased.  For an appetizer, Mike and I both had this amazing pasta with truffles (my first time to ever eat them!).  It was to DIE for.  For our main course I had a shrimp dish served with some sort of beans & seasonal vegetables, and Mike had a really delicious flounder with a tangerine sauce.  For dessert we ordered two things – a donut plate & a chocolate plate.  OhhhMGee.  So good.  Forest paired all of our courses with specific wines & champagnes. It couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate our 1 year anniversary!

After dinner, we headed off to David & Vero’s for a pumpkin carving party.  Mike and I brought our wedding cake topper to share with everyone, and it tasted almost exactly like it did at our reception… buttercream yumminess!!!  This morning I was very relieved to go on a 7 mile run with Vero to help me mentally shake off those extra calories last night.  🙂  I feel like a million bucks today!

Last October (2009) was a big month in my life.  Not only did I get married to the love of my life… I also got laid off from my job.  I felt extreme happiness and sadness all at the same time.  A lot of you can relate, because being laid off has not been an uncommon thing in the past few years.  Even though you know it was something the company/business had to do, you still feel rejected and unwanted deep in your soul.  It is hard to repair that.  But being laid off turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Within 2 months I found an even better job with people who I ADORE.  It was a big step up in my career.  If I hadn’t been laid off, I would have never gotten that opportunity.  I also wouldn’t have made the dear friends that I am so lucky to have now.  It’s funny how things work out for the best in the end.  I’m happy to report that a year later, life has rewarded me for overcoming that obstacle with a positive spirit.

Before I go… I forgot to write about something fun that happened on Friday!  I finally went in for my Birmingham Bombshells consultation, and I officially have an appointment for a photo shoot in mid-November.  😀  I get to choose three “scenes”… so my thoughts are to do one with a vintage typewriter (for my blog), the second scene will be more sports themed where I will use a vintage bike as a prop, and Mike is going to help me pick out the third scene.  🙂  He is the one who won me the gift certificate earlier this year before I decided to lose weight.  I’ve held on to it all this time as a reward for all of my hard work!  🙂