I feel like I take the best things in life for granted when I get really busy, tired or distracted.  So today I am doing a “grateful” post!

I am grateful for:

1.  My husband… really, how did I get so lucky?
2.  A wonderful, supportive family.
3.  A job that I look forward to going to everyday.
4.  Having an ambition and desire for things greater than myself.
5.  Having a healthy body.
6.  Living in a really great city.
7.  Having some of the best friends a girl could ask for.
8.  Our cats.  (Yes, all 4.)  🙂
9.  The ability to be creative for a living.
10.  The exciting opportunities that have come my way of late.
11.  The chance to always make it better.
12.  Rest.
13.  Early morning runs with a friend.
14.  Changing leaves.
15.  Weekends.
16.  Hot decaf hazelnut coffee.
17.  My size 8 pants.  😀
18.  Really great food.
19.  Our house.
20.  The ability to travel & see the world.

I am so lucky.  We all are in our own special way.   I am going to try to remember the things in this list when I feel overwhelmed by life & its everyday demands, which has been the case over the past day or two.  Stress passes, trouble passes, worry passes… but the things in this list always remain a source of joy!