Today I ran 6.2 miles as fast as I could, and make a personal record time of 53 minutes!!  That comes out to about 8 1/2 minute miles, which is car-razy!!!!!!  The last time I ran the Vulcan 10k was 2 years ago, and I finished with a time of 1:06.  So needless to say, that is a great improvement.  As I was rounding the corner for the last block, I saw the clock off in the distance and I could have sworn that it said 58 minutes… but as I got closer it did indeed say 53.  As tears starting rolling down my face, I knew I had not only reached my goal to finish in under an hour… I had KILLED it.  Beyond happy!!!  Just for kicks, here are some thoughts that went through my mind today as I hit each mile marker:

Before the start:  “Hell yes!  Let’s do this!!”
Mile 1:  “Oh geez, I started off to fast…”
Mile 2:  “Mile 3 is just around the corner, and that is halfway!”
Mile 3:  “Oh god, mile 3.  I am only halfway? F***.”
Mile 4:  “I’m over the hill, whoopee!!!!”
Mile 5:  “What was I f***ing thinking running this race… I am a maniac.  I might throw up.”
Mile 6:  “I am almost there, but I can’t breathe!! Still might throw up…”
Mile 6.2 (The Finish Line):  “I am the most awesome person on the planet!!!!  Yahooooooo!!  Where is my mimosa?”

Now, time for a loooooong nap.  Tomorrow is my 10 mile long run, so I need to re-energize!