*Brief note from yesterday’s post:  I got several private messages from people who all expressed feeling “lost” too.  I think this must be a common experience, but the remedy is unknown.  As someone recently told me:  trust your instincts.  It’s not easy to do, but your soul always knows the answer.  Listen.  Then act.  If it sounds like I am talking to myself, then you are interpreting correctly.  🙂


I am FED UP with the loose skin on my stomach!!  After doing some online research (and we all know how reliable that is…) I have come up with 3 action points.  #1- Drink more water.  (Even though I already drink a ton.)  #2- Slather my body in Nivea Skin Firming Lotion twice a day.  #3- Do core exercises (upper & lower) every morning before work. Time to be proactive!

My younger sister Rachel, who is a Physical Therapist, also pointed out that my butt had “fallen off”.  Good times.  So I am going to slowly start incorporating lunges & reverse butt kicks in with my stomach exercises in the mornings.  I will have to be extra careful not to get too sore so it doesn’t impact my running in a negative way or increase my risk for injury.  I know by adding these strength training moves it will make me a more well-rounded athlete.

The last thing I need to start doing are push-ups…. which I loathe.  Hate, hate, hate!  I’m sure I feel that way because I am no good at them.  And they hurt.  🙂  Once I become stronger, I will probably love them.  These are very important for me to add since I will be starting up my swimming regimen soon… not to mention that my Half Ironman training starts in late December.  I need to be ready & strong!

At some point this week I need to swap gyms so Vero and I can start swimming together.  I am hoping that it will making my water workouts much more bearable.  I also need to look in to one-on-one lessons to perfect my free-style stroke so I can start building confidence in the pool.  My biggest hurdle for 2011 will be to become a good swimmer.  One thing that keeps me motivated is the unique body shape that swimmer’s develop.  The “V” back is so sexy!  I hope it happens to me.  😀

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