What are the physical & mental limits of a person?  In the past 3 or 4 days I’ve had several people express concern that I am doing too much.  Juggling a full-time job, a marriage, social life, marathon training, this blog & NaNoWriMo might be more than one girl can take on at one time.  Truth is, I do give in a little where it can be taken.  For example, I don’t do NaNoWriMo every single day… probably 5 out of 7 days each week for the month of November is going to be realistic for me.  I will just have to write a little more on the days that I do.  And last night, instead of doing my 10 mile long run, I did 8.  I listened to my body’s signals and stopped when I knew I was pushing too hard.  If I fall back few miles on my marathon training it won’t be the end of the world.  I know I’ll get it done, and I’ll make up for it on the weekends when I have more energy.  Also, I try to get in 8-9 hours of sleep a night so I am usually pretty well-rested.  I am giving it my all this November because I know it will ease up in December once NaNoWriMo is over.

So how do you know if you are taking on too much?  I don’t know the answer to that question.  I would imagine if it starts affecting your sleep & overall happiness then you’ve probably gone too far.  I live for challenges & goals, without them I’m not sure where my self value would come from.  And I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.

The next obvious question is, what about burn-out?  I know a lot about that.  It’s happened to me many times in the past and I’ve learned from my mistakes.  I’m not saying it won’t happen to me again, but I’ve had enough experience with work & exercise to know my limits.  I’ve also found that if something brings me joy, it is less likely that I will become tired of it.  If I feel like I am doing something because I should be, then burn-out is inevitable.  But if I’m doing something because I want to, then it is a whole different scenario.   I want to write.  I want to be a better athlete.  I want to be good at my job.  I want to live up to my potential.

I play this fun game (at least for me…) that my friends and family are all too familiar with.  It’s called “Future Game”.  Each person goes around and predicts 3 positive things in the future for each person present (except for themselves).  You are basically pretending to be psychic.  🙂  But what you are actually doing is providing positive visualization & reinforcement for the other person.  It will spark imagination & hope for all who play.  And the more creative you are, the more fun it is.  Try it!  I make Mike do my future game almost every night before I go to bed. It is a great way to end the day on a positive note.  😀