Today, I am proud to let my husband Mike take over my blog space for a very special reason.  🙂  You may remember a similar post that I made as my very first entry in The Jen West Quest.


Okay, so this isn’t Jen, this is her husband Mike.  Jen has kindly let me write on her blog for today’s post.   Just like all of you out there, I read Jen’s blog every day, and every day she inspires me more and more.   Way back in March when she set out on her Quest, I had no doubt that she would succeed in her goal of losing weight, but there have been so many other amazing things that her blog has helped her accomplish since then. And the thing that I am most proud of her for is that from the very start, she put herself out there by posting a picture of herself in a bikini every week.  By being open and honest with herself and everyone reading her blog, she found a way to measure her progress and see her goals through.   So earlier tonight while we were fixing dinner, I said to Jen that I needed to follow her example and set some goals of my own.  There are so many projects I have been wanting to finish for a long time: I have scripts in various stages of completion littering my hard drive, I have film projects I want to put together, I have comedy material I have been too insecure to perform.  But unlike Jen, I haven’t held myself accountable for my goals.  So I said to her, “I need to find a way to put myself out there like you did so I can follow through with my goals.”

And that’s when she said to me, ” You make a list of what you want to accomplish.  Every Thursday, I will post a picture of you in a bikini until you cross everything off your list.

That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.  And that’s why I love my wife.

So, taking a page out of the Jen West Quest, I am putting myself out there just like she did and making a list of my goals.  And I until I finish them, I have to post a picture of myself every week wearing one of her bikinis.  I have 3 goals I want to accomplish before the end of 2010:

1. Finally perform stand-up comedy in Birmingham.

2. Finish the script for my short film “The Chicken Story” and draw up a production schedule to shoot it in January.

3. Finish a full draft (and finally decide on a good title) for the feature script I want to shoot next year

There it is, I put it all out there, following the example set by my beautiful wife.  I’d like to apologize in advance for the pictures of me you are about to see and I swear I will finish my list as quickly as possible so you won’t have to see me like this for too long.  If it’s any consolation, Jen said I could put on one article of clothing for every goal I cross off the list.  Here we go!


Mike in a bikini!!! 😀 😀 LOVE.