The cat is officially out of the bag – I am going to be on The Rachael Ray Show!!!!  Well, I was already on the show… we are just waiting for an official air date.  It looks like it will be sometime in January since that’s when a lot of people resolve to lose weight.   I was beginning to wonder if I’d ever be able to talk about it!

Click here to read Wade Kwon’s exclusive story and to watch a video I did for him about the show.

I was working late last night for a Pat Conroy event when I received the news.  I am pretty sure the people around me thought I was nuts when I started chanting “YAY Rachael Raaaaaay!!!”  🙂

Like I say in Wade Kwon’s video above, it all happened very quickly.  I was going to meet my family for dinner one night in early September when I got an email on my phone with the title “The Rachael Ray Show”.  My heart immediately skipped a beat as I opened it and read the contents.  It said they needed to talk to me ASAP about the possibility of coming up to do a segment about The CarbLovers Diet with the authors of the book Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth.  I had to stop for a moment & catch my breath.  Then I showed Mike and my family the good news.  We all basically freaked out together.  😀

What happened next was a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation.  When I received the news that Friday, I also learned that I would be on a plane first thing Monday morning to New York.  What would it be like?  What did I need to wear?  What were they going to ask me?  Sooooo many questions.  The one thing I did know was that they wanted me to do a segment in my bikini in front of a live studio audience.  Because I’m the crazy person that I am, I said yes.

When I landed in New York that Monday morning, I still didn’t know what my agenda would be.  That’s when I got a phone call saying that I was being immediately taken to a shooting location to film my backstory.  All I could think of was THANK GOD I washed my hair that morning.  🙂  I quickly put on my make-up as the driver whisked me away.

Shooting the backstory segment was probably the most difficult thing I did while being there.   It took about 4-5 hours and there were lots of intense questions.  I kept worrying that I wasn’t giving them what they needed, but when I got the opportunity to watch it the next day it turned out to be really great.  I was proud of myself for sticking through it and being a trooper.

The second, and last, day in New York was when I shot The Rachael Ray Show.  The night before they sent me off to get a spray tan (because I am super white) and then they had me try on full coverage bathing suits.  Even after my spray tan, the owner of the bathing suit boutique suggested that I get one.  😉  Good times.  I guess I am THAT pale.

The segment itself was so much fun.  Ellen & Frances spent the most time with Rachael talking about the diet and the book.  When it was my turn to come out, I literally ran out in my bikini while waving at the audience.  I wish I could remember more… but I had so much adrenaline going through me that I’ve already blacked out half of it.  When Rachael asked me about my experience with the diet, I gave her the most honest answer I could think of: CarbLovers worked for me because it taught me how to eat the things I love in a healthy way.  That’s when I remembered the real reason why I was there… to show off my new hot body that the diet helped me attain!  I felt confident and proud of what I had accomplished.  Besides my kneecaps shaking uncontrollably, I finally calmed down a bit.  After the segment was over, Rachael came up to me and said that she really loved my blog and thought I was a great writer.  And she liked my new hair cut.  🙂  Isn’t that so amazing??  As soon as she said those things, a producer came and took me away… and I never saw her again.  Next thing I know I was on a plane back to Birmingham, Alabama.

There were some people who knew what I had done… like my coworkers and a few select friends & family.  When I returned to work Tuesday morning, I had Rachael Ray heads stuck on every surface in my office – all in my plastic fica tree, in all of my drawers, in my scanner… you name it, there was a Rachael Ray head on it.  I was in such a daze that it took me about 2 hours to even notice!  I did take some pictures though, so I will post those tomorrow morning since they are on my computer at work.  I have the best coworkers in the world.

Mike’s post yesterday was a big hit!!!  I am excited to see what he does now that he has all eyes on him.  I know he is going to meet & exceed every goal he set.  I’m especially excited to see him perform stand-up because he has lots of potential.  Such a talented man my husband is.  🙂

As soon as I know more about an air date for The Rachael Ray Show, I promise to let you know ASAP.  It’s definitely going to be a little while longer, so we will all have to be patient together.

Can someone please pinch me?  Am I dreaming???

In front of the Rachael Ray studio audience entrance line!