Long runs are really great, but you do them once a week for a reason… because it drains every ounce of available energy in your body!  I feel like jelly.  But it was so much fun and totally worth it.  We even made pretty good time without even trying.  Towards the end of our 10.5 mile run I could feel my legs hardening up, so it was great to get in a good stretch afterwards.  I am SO GRATEFUL that Vero decided to join in on the long runs with me… because otherwise it would be sooooo boring without her!

After we were finished, we both took a quick shower and met back up for brunch at the Bottletree Cafe.  They specialize in vegetarian and vegan cuisine, but they also have a nice selection for the meat lovers.  (Ahem, Mike.)  🙂  I had the Sweet Delta Slinger, which is a halved homemade sweet potato biscuit served with two soy sausage patties smothered in mushroom and sage vegan gravy, with a side of fruit.  Vero’s was by far the best – she ordered the stuffed soy sausage balls with havarti cream and a side of greens.  It was out of this world!!!  Everyone’s food was really delicious.  The only regret was not being there in time to have a Bloody Mary, but I’m better off since I have so much work to do today.  😉

I’m gonna have to dig up some energy reserves somewhere, and fast, because this week is going to be jam-packed.  Once next weekend passes, my workload should calm down a pretty good deal through the end of the year.  I am looking forward to having a few days off Thanksgiving week too… we are going to head up to Asheville, NC, to visit Mike’s family then spend the actual holiday here in Birmingham with mine.  The biggest news of all is that my brother & his girlfriend Amber have a scheduled birth this Wednesday!  😀  This will make me an Aunt 2 times over. 🙂  We can’t wait for Lilianne to get here!!!

This week is also my Birmingham Bombshells shoot, which I am SO EXCITED about!!!  That would be really fun to take video of, if they let me.  I’ve got to pick out my inspiration board photos today.

NaNoWriMo is officially kicking my a**, but I am still holding tight.  Tomorrow is the 15th, and if I was on track I would be around 25,000 words.  I’m nowhere near that amount, but I haven’t given up hope.  Being in the office today while it is quiet will help me focus on my writing.  I refuse to fail, 50,000 words is going to come out of me by November 30… I KNOW it!  It’s all there, I just need to type it out.

OK, so I actually tried to upload a really lame video today but the audio got really off sync while uploading to YouTube.  It’s probably better off anyway, as I will have much more exciting things to share as the week goes on.  Video camera… ON!