CONGRATS to Mike for conquering goal #1 in his own personal quest.  Click here to read his entry from last week and how he wound up wearing a bikini on my blog. As you will see below, per our agreement he got to add one article of clothing.  😉  Here is a clip from his stand-up routine via my YouTube channel.  It’s not offensive (at least in my book), but I would skip over it if you are sensitive to certain kinds of language or content.

And… great news:  I got my hands on the December issue of Health Magazine, and my “I Did It” article is inside!!  YAHOO!!!  I don’t think it is out on the newsstands yet, but it should be by Thanksgiving.  Keep an eye out for it, it has Janet Jackson on the cover.  😀  (See photo below.)

And just in case you missed it, I did a special second post last night featuring some really cute video of my nieces.  Can you tell I’m a proud Aunt?  🙂  Read the post here.

Mike: One goal down, two to go!

Health Magazine "I Did It" Article in the December Issue! 😀