It’s Friday… and I’m feeling a bit emotional.  It’s a combination of happiness and overwhelm.  It’s been a big week on the job, but it’s also been a big week in my personal life with the birth of my new niece, seeing my “I Did It” article in Health Magazine, and also the Birmingham Bombshells photo shoot.  All wonderful, wonderful things!  I know I worked really hard for a lot of it to happen, but I also feel very lucky too.

I’ve mentioned before that I wrote & directed a short film in 2006 called “Piece of Cake” that starred Mo Rocca (and one of my dear friends Alison Britt starred & produced).  Well last night my friend Rebecca, who works in the Sidewalk Film Festival office, came across an old promotional video clip that featured me at one of my heaviest times in life.  I remember being under intense stress & pressure, and then turning to food to soothe my nerves.  I still encounter similar moments from time to time, but I’ve now learned how to manage my stress without eating.

Speaking of overwhelming & exciting creative projects, my NaNoWriMo pace is not as quick as I need it to be in order to reach 50,000 words by November 30.  In fact, I’m pretty gosh darn behind.  It is starting to bother me quite a bit, because finishing this book should be #1 priority.  I haven’t give up yet though, but I might need some words of encouragement!!

I will be 142 pounds by December 1st at this rate, which will have me at 50 pounds lost on The CarbLovers Diet!  My strength training has also been going really well.  I have a routine now that takes me about 10-15 minutes to complete, and I am trying to incorporate it 3-4 times a week after my runs.  While doing the Birmingham Bombshells shoot, I was so proud of my shapely & muscular legs that I’ve been working so hard for!

Tonight I am heading to Third Friday in Forest Park with my sister & Mike, then tomorrow night is our huge annual gala at work (hence being so busy for the past few weeks).  Vero and I are going to do 12-13 miles on Sunday for our long run as well.  Between all of that, I am going to ship myself to a local coffee shop and work on my book.  I WILL FINISH!!!