OK – here is what I’ve decided on NaNoWriMo: I am giving myself an unofficial “pass” to extend the deadline until December 15.  🙂   I can do 50,000 words by then without spreading myself too thin.  It is sad to admit defeat, but really I am doing myself a huge favor by giving it some extra time.  By November 30, the actual deadline for NaNoWriMo, I am aiming to have 30,000 words complete.  This is more realistic with a full-time job, marathon training & the fast approaching holidays.  I feel better already!!

It was hard to get up early this morning for my 5.5 mile run with Vero, but once I was up it was totally worth it.  The weather was in the upper 40’s and the sun was shining.  Just what my spirit needed to kick off the weekend!

Last night was really great.  After a busy day at work, I met my sister and Mike at a local specialty grocery store (V. Richards) for a port wine tasting.  They were much too sweet, but it was fun to try all the different kinds.  A lot of them smelled and tasted like whiskey.  My favorites ones were the extra dry varieties that had a lighter body.  Most of them were so sweet it was like taking a bite out of a brownie!

Tonight is our big Gala for work, so I am on-standby for most of the day in case I’m needed.  It should be a lot of fun though, and I am actually looking forward to it.  However, it’s going to be sooooo nice to have a few days off next week for Thanksgiving!!!  It’s one of my favorite holidays of the year.

I have been thinking about my eating plan for Thanksgiving day (& weekend) since I am trying to hit 142 in the near future.  I think for the actual holiday, I will probably get in a longer run that morning as well as some extra strength training.  As far as eating goes, I will eliminate any snacks and opt for the lighter food options… so that way I can fit in a piece of pecan pie.  🙂  My favorite!!!  Honestly though, I am not going to sweat that day too much b/c I’m already so close to where I want to be.

We are skipping our Asheville, NC, trip this year since Mike’s grandparents are coming here instead.  While we love going up there this time of year, it is actually a relief to not have to worry about trying to fit that in to our schedules.

My sister Christy wrote something on my Facebook wall yesterday that made me stop and think.  After my post from yesterday asking for NaNoWriMo encouragement, she said that maybe I was putting too much pressure on myself and that I should stop and smell the roses since I had already accomplished so much.  It made me realize that I have a whole garden of roses, and it is indeed time to enjoy them.  So I’m gonna!  🙂  Thanks, Christy.