My new favorite Sunday routine:  Getting up a little later than normal to do my long run with Vero (today 12 miles!), taking a nice hot shower before heading to brunch, then coming back home for a nice looooooong nap.  Later on today after catching up on my zzz’s, we will head over to my mom & dad’s house for some Hobo Stew and baby time with Lily.  Hobo Stew is essentially chopped-up potatoes, cabbage, beans, corn, and sausage cooked in a chicken broth (CarbLovers friendly if eaten in the correct portion).  My dad has a new Dutch oven that he is obsessed with, so it will be cooked on that (I will take some photos so you can see the magic at work).  😀  YUM!!!

I was pretty surprised that Vero and I did so well with our long run today, as neither of us had much sleep last night.  I got home from the Gala around 12:30, and ended up getting out of bed around 6 this morning.  Vero hasn’t had much sleep for a few nights in a row, so I was pretty impressed that she was still game to take it on.  The weather is gorgeous today, so that was a big mood booster.  There’s nothing worse than taking on a challenging run when it’s gloomy outside.  And there will be plenty of those coming soon since winter is just around the corner.  Yuck.

On the flip side, that’s why I love to have a big exercise goal in February or March… it forces you to keep up your fitness during the months when you’d usually slack off because of the weather and holidays.  Training for my 1st marathon is going to pull me through the winter blues & excuses!

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THANKSGIVING.  😀  I feel like this week is going to be peaceful & full of rest.  I need that.