I slept for a little over 11 hours last night!!  🙂  So glad that today is one of my running off-days.  However I am considering going for a quick swim after work just to start getting into the cross-training groove again.  One thing is for sure though – I will definitely be going to bed again early tonight!  I love some sleep.  My body is still trying to catch up.

Do you know what would be great right about now?  To hop on a plane to any destination, near or far.  Sometimes when I am out running or driving in my car I see planes flying overhead and I make a silent wish to be on it, no matter where it is going.  Flying has always translated into vacation & adventure in my life.

Here is a list of my top 5 places I’d fly to today if given the opportunity to choose:

1.  New Orleans
2.  Italy
3.  New York
4.  San Fransisco
5.  Los Angeles

I’ll take any of those, please.  🙂  Just tell me when & where to show up.

This week is going to be much cooler with some chances for rain during the middle of the week.  On Saturday and Sunday we will experience some freezing weather which will make our long run of 14 miles a little more difficult than usual.  I’m already mentally prepping myself so I will be up for it!

Last night Mike and I were talking about what we wanted for Christmas.  I plan to do the same thing I do every year – ask for gift cards to my two favorite stores:  The Trak Shak and Cahaba Cycle.  Since I have two big triathlons coming up in 2011 (the New Orleans Half Ironman in April and the Louisville Ironman in August) I am going to need all of the financial support I can get with gear.  Triathlon is not a cheap sport, which is the only negative thing I can say about it.  I’ve been building my gear base for years though, so if I do anything I will just upgrade what I already have.  It would be super awesome to get a better & faster bike at some point, especially before the full distance Ironman.  It would make it easier on my body and my time.

I’ve often asked myself why I am so interested in a sport that costs more than others and requires a ton of training time.  The answer is simple – it’s because it’s a sport that requires 100% investment with mind, body, spirit… and wallet.  It’s not for the light-hearted experimentalist, you have to be fully dedicated.  I love the intensity it requires.  I love being surrounded by other people who are just as passionate as I am about finishing.  I love that it scares the crap out of me each and every time I enter a race.  You never know if you’ll finish, but one thing is for sure… you’ll have to try your best to get there.  Rewards are so much sweeter when you have to work hard for them!