Ahhhhhhhhh, the holiday season.  I am sitting upstairs in my sister Christy’s house in Columbus, GA, and I can hear Christmas music & laughter downstairs as they make banana pancakes and scrambled eggs.  My little niece Anna is giggling and dancing to the songs.  Does it get any better than this?

I am passing on the extra yummy breakfast this morning so I can get my body back on my regular eating plan.  I had a bowl of cereal & low-fat milk.  But don’t feel sorry for me… I lurve some cereal!!  🙂

Last night we all watched Eat, Pray, Love for the first time.  While it was very much a chick-flick, it had several moments that made you think & reflect on your own life choices.  While we all don’t have thousands of dollars to travel the world for extended periods of time with no strings attached… it does open your eyes to the possibility of living outside of your everyday box.  I’m gonna get crucified for saying this, but I am not a fan of Julia Roberts… so it was hard to see past her to the real story a lot of the time.

The 14 mile run that Vero & I did yesterday wiped me out more than I originally realized.  After we made it out-of-town to Columbus & ate lunch, I took close to a 3 hour nap.  I look forward to the day when going on an extended distance run doesn’t lead to immediate exhaustion.  This will come with practice, I’m sure.   My body just has to get used to it.

Goooooood news!!!  My stomach is getting firmer due to the core strengthening exercises I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.  Woohoo!!  There is one move that I adore – the plank.  I do it three different ways, click here to learn more about this move on LiveStrong.

We will be rolling out of here to head back home in the next few hours.  My plans for this afternoon include a nap & writing.  Tomorrow morning I promise to give an extended update on my book, plus an excerpt.    But before I go for today, I want to leave you with some good news:  Looks like they are republishing The CarbLovers Diet book, and I am going to be in it!   And… possibly in my bikini!  😀  Good times, good times.  Will keep you guys posted as I know more.  Also tomorrow I get to see & pick out my Birmingham Bombshell photos, and I sooooo excited about it!!!