I am doing a special post later today with the excerpt I promised from my book.  It was so hard to pick out one piece of the puzzle, but it was a good exercise for me to do.  I should really try to post something once a week just for the practice.

I feel like I am coming down with a serious cold, which everyone in my family seemed to catch as well over the holiday.  It is manageable at this point, so hopefully it won’t get any worse.  I’m just glad I was able to get in my long run for the week before it happened!  Yesterday was a perfectly timed off day, and I am postponing today’s workout until after work.  I got about 10 hours of sleep last night, plus a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon.  Hopefully my body will start to recover soon.

This morning I weighed myself for the first time since all of the Thanksgiving festivities, and my weight was exactly the same.  YAY!!!  I am sure I didn’t eat as much as I probably thought I did, plus all of the exercise helped a great deal too.  I am very proud of myself for making it through while still enjoying the holiday!

Friday I went with my sister Rachel (as well as my mom & sister Christy) to help her try on wedding dresses.  What a special thing to be a part of!!!  She looked so beautiful in all of them and has a hard decision ahead of her.  Anna Banana was also there & kept crawling up her skirts.  Since I shouldn’t post photos of Rachel in any of the dresses, I will instead post a photo of Anna’s exclusive view from down below.  😉

The Anna Banana loves a wedding dress.  :)