It’s a dark & stormy day here in the south, and I kinda like it.  Since Vero has been sick I’ve been going to the gym in the evenings to get my workouts in.  Last night I did 4.5 on the treadmill and tonight I’m going for 6.5.  Wednesday will be a shorter speed interval workout, and Thursday will be a 5 mile run.  Friday will be off, then this weekend I will do a 16 mile run & a shorter 4 mile run.  I usually build in 2 off days a week, but we got off schedule last week due to Thanksgiving so I am aiming to resume having Mondays & Fridays off again by next week.

My Half Ironman training is set to begin towards the end of December (I believe around Christmas time).  Since it will be so cold by then, I will be spending lots of time indoors on my trainer (a stationary holder for my bike) and in the pool… in addition to my running schedule.  As weird as it sounds, I am really looking forward to it!!

All of this exercise didn’t come about overnight.  I actually took a major hiatus from everything when I first started to lose weight so I could put all of my focus on that.  I slowly started to incorporate running again about a month or two into it, and even then I was doing very small amounts.  Now that I’ve lost the weight, I can now apply that energy and focus to my sports goals.

I’ve always had a passion for endurance events, especially running.  Even at close to 200 pounds, I participated & completed my first Half Ironman earlier this year in New Orleans.  I barely made it in under the cut-off time to receive my finishers medal.  Now, I am training for the same event again next April and my body is already soooo much faster because of the weight I’ve dropped.

My exercise goals for 2011 are to finish my first marathon in February (I’ve done a handful of half marathons in the past), finish the Half Ironman in New Orleans again in April, and last but not least… finish my first full Ironman in Louisville next August.  The full Ironman scares the beegeezees out of me, which makes me want to do it even more!

I read a lot about running & triathlon nutrition in magazines & online, so I am going to pay close attention to my body & its needs as I start my training up.  Sonthe Burge (Dietician and Nutritionist extraordinaire) has offered to give me advice too as I need it along the way.  THANK YOU Sonthe!!!

I saw my Birmingham Bombshell photos for the first time yesterday, and they are freakin’ fantastic!!!!  I go today to pick up a CD with the images as well as to place an order for some prints.  So you know what that means… tomorrow I get to share my pics with you guys!  😀  They are all in good taste and show less skin than my bikini photos do, so I feel comfortable posting them on my blog.  Actually… some were taken specifically for my blog.  🙂  I’m gonna stop now before I give too much away!