I am in shock… yesterday I had close to 3,000 visits to my blog for my Birmingham Bombshell post!  As the day went on the numbers just kept going up & up.  It was a bigger day than when I announced that I would be on the Rachael Ray Show in January (date still TBD)!  It’s all because of CarbLovers (a diet by the editors of Health Magazine), and I am so grateful.

My marathon training has been going well this week despite feeling under the weather because of a stubborn cold.  Tonight I have a 40-45 minute speed interval workout planned, then tomorrow is an off day.  Even though speed intervals are harder than a regular run, they go by faster b/c you break down the time into specific segments.  Vero and I have been doing a lot of short interval work lately (bursts of sprinting at about 90%), but I am going to make the swap over to longer intervals since I am training for a marathon.  So basically I will break up the 40 minute workout to include running 1/2 miles at about 80% with a 1/4 mile recovery in between.  This will help me to become a faster runner, and I will continue doing this workout once a week until the race.

Today is Thursday, so time for Mike to make his appearance!  He is working really hard this week to practice for some big shows he is in this weekend (Montgomery) and next (Birmingham) called A Very Lounge Christmas.  These are some of my favorite shows that he does all year!  With that being said, he told me to tell you guys that he hasn’t made much progress on the rest of his end-of-year goals... but not to fear, he has a plan!  By this time next week, I feel pretty confident that he will get to add another piece of clothing.  🙂

Just for the fun of it, I am posting two more photos from my Birmingham Bombshells shoot.  They are below Mike’s weekly bikini picture!  (He is such a good sport, I drug him out of bed this morning to take his photos.)  It’s all in the name of accountability!  Right? 😀


Mike - Week 4!

Birmingham Bombshells

Birmingham Bombshells