This afternoon I am going to run the official Mercedes Marathon course, which is a 13.1 mile loop that on the day of the event I will run twice (the course map is below).  I’m only doing 16 miles today so I will do one loop plus an additional 3 miles.  What’s funny is that it’s almost the exact course that Vero and I did a few weekends ago.  Being familiar with a course is a huge benefit on race day, or at least for me it is.  It makes it seem shorter for some reason and there is huge comfort in not having to worry about any surprises.

While I got my six-mile run in yesterday, I was pretty worried that I wouldn’t feel good enough for my long run today.  I felt pretty sick yesterday afternoon & last night, so I went to bed around 7:30 and slept for a good 13 hours.  I’m feeling MUCH better this morning, but still not 100%.  From what I’ve read in the past about having a cold & exercise, it should be OK to do as long as I don’t have a fever.  The only symptoms I’ve had are fatigue and a little bit of achiness.  I plan to go to bed early again tonight and tomorrow will be an off day.

Since it is sooooo cold out today (high of 44 around 2 o’clock this afternoon, wind chill of 36), I am looking forward to spending the rest of my day indoors.  🙂  I am heading over to my parents house later this morning to spend some time with my new niece Lily bean, then later this afternoon after my run I’m going to spend some serious time writing.  I feel especially inspired today and have lots of ideas to get down on paper.

I’ve been fighting the blues for the past day or two.  I’m sure it’s because of being sick, but there are also some other private reasons.  There are seasonal things happening right now that I’m sure make a lot people feel nostalgic, overwhelmed or afraid of change.  Sometimes it’s hard to see past the next few minutes/days/weeks, but what’s important is the big picture.  Decisions should be based on everyone’s happiness in the long run.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Mercedes Marathon course, each loop is 13.1 miles.  (Click image to enlarge.)

Mercedes Marathon Course - Loop Twice