Yesterday over lunch I went and took some photos for the new Carb Lovers book along with a few other ladies who experienced significant weight loss.  It was a lot of fun!!  I really need to get some sort of help when it comes to posing, I found myself standing there several times without anything new to offer.  Does anyone know if Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model is available?  😀   Just kidding.  I actually saw a lot of the photos and they turned out really great.  I did some in an “everyday” type of outfit, then I did the rest in my bikini.  Ha!!!  There’s nothing on me that a little bronzer can’t fix!

It could just be my imagination, but I am beginning to notice little indentations on my stomach that might be caused by something called… muscle.  YES!!!!  Seriously, if I start having definition there I might just die from excitement.  😀  I never thought my body was capable, but it indeed is.  Self high-five!

My split long run went really good yesterday even though it was a difficult challenge.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, running on a treadmill is nothing short of mind-numbing.  I can’t wait to do my next one outside this weekend… looks like the weather is going to be a bit warmer.  Woohoo!

Since I have been working out significantly harder these days, I’ve started to increase my daily caloric intake gradually.  For the past month or two after reaching my target weight, it’s been a big experiment to try to maintain while doing more exercise.  I’ve seen the scale go up a few pounds, as well as go down a few pounds.  I’m no expert, but it seems like it’s the body’s natural rhythm to do just that.  My ultimate goal is to still be 142, and I still think that will happen very soon… but it’s not my main focus.  It’s amazing to say, but I’m extremely happy just the way I am right now.  🙂