I am feeling a mixed bag of emotions today about my 18-mile long run.  On the one hand I am feeling extra pumped & excited to have this big distance under my belt.  Bragging rights for shizzle!  Also the weather is really wonderful today and will hover around 50 degrees for the whole run.  Yesssss!!  On the other hand, I know it is going to take me a looooong time to do it and it’s going to hurt a lot towards the end.  It will be a true physical and mental test.  I am just so glad that I get to do it outside, that is going to make a world of difference!

I learned from my friend (& super runner) Alison that I’ve been doing the Mercedes loop backwards.  Hmmmm.  And something about running it the correct direction really makes me discouraged.  Oh well… I am going to give it a shot today the right way and see how it goes!

Mike’s Lounge Guys Show was really fun last night at The Red Cat.  They performed in front of a packed house and the spirits were flowing!  I ran into many friends new & old which made the night extra special.

Today is a busy day – after my long run I’m heading over to my mom’s house to make our traditional tea cake cookies along with my sister & grandmother.  It is one of my favorite holiday activities each year!!!  Then later tonight we have a packed agenda – first, we are going to a holiday themed tapas party just down the street.  After that we are heading to a special performance by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra called “The Music of Queen”.  (Mike is obsessed with all things Freddie Mercury!)  Finally, we will end our evening at our friend Sam’s chicken nugget party.  Definitely sleeping in tomorrow!!!  😀

Now, off to pound some pavement!