Yesterday was a BIG day.  It started off with my 18 mile run… which I now think may have been closer to 16.5-17 miles (which is still pretty great).  I’m not sure how I miscalculated the distance, I need to track it online to see where I messed up.  All I know is that it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes, and that’s way to fast for me to have done 18 miles in.

I had some phantom pain on the tops of my feet that made me readjust my shoes more than once.  It hurt so bad at one point that I almost called Mike to pick me up.  It would only strike every 2.5 – 3 miles, and it didn’t matter if my shoe laces were tied tight or loose.  I did notice the pain earlier in the week too while running on the treadmill, but it wasn’t bad enough to make me think twice about it.  The only relation I can think of with the pain is the fact that I got new shoes about 2 weeks ago.  My old pair was extremely worn out and I guess my feet had gotten used to them.  This new pair is another brand all-together, and is extremely supportive.  Maybe going from one side of the support spectrum to the other is causing the discomfort.  Either way, these are the only pair of shoes that I have right now… so I need to find a way to make them work.  Tomorrow on my lunch break I will hit-up the Trak Shak in Homewood to see if they have any ideas to alleviate the pain. I just don’t want this to turn into an injury, so best to fix it now!

Besides the foot pain, I went through some tough mental obstacles as well.  The main culprit was boredom… it just seemed to take so long to do anything.  It really helped to break the course down into sections in my mind, that way I was meeting mini-goals throughout the run.  Each section brought me that much closer to being finished.  A big turning point was 5 Points South, which was about 13 miles into my run.  I was at the top of the hill I’d been climbing for about 2 miles and I knew I was officially on the way home.  I enjoyed a surge of energy because of this and rode it all the way back. I even called Mike about a mile away to ask him to pop in an Amy’s pizza for me.  😀

After my run, Mike and I went straight to my mom’s house to bake our traditional tea cakes with my grandmother, sister Rachel, Amber & baby Lily Bean (photos below).  It was so much fun!!!  Unfortunately we discovered about halfway through that the last big batch had spoiled shortening, so we are going to finish making the rest this afternoon.

Last night Mike and I went to an amazing holiday tapas party just a few blocks over, then we headed downtown to watch The Music of Queen performed by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra.  It was so good it was mind-blowing… almost as if Freddie Mercury was standing right before us.  Such a wonderful experience, and it sounds like they may do it again next year!

After the concert I was pretty much down for the count, so Mike went on to the chicken nugget holiday party without me.  I crashed about 10:30 and loved every second of it.  🙂

Today I am having brunch with Vero, David, Courtney Oz and hopefully a few other friends.  After that I’ll head back over to my mom’s to finish making our cookies.  It’s going to be a peaceful Sunday!  Right at this very moment, it is lightly snowing outside…