Random question:  If it’s cold outside, why is the toilet seat always cold too… no matter how warm it is in our house?  I about had a heart attack sitting on ours this morning.  Youch!  Maybe it’s because of the cold water inside the toilet.  Hmmmm.  All I know is that if I’m rich one day, I’m investing in a toilet seat warmer!!!

On another note: Turns out the cause of the upper foot pain is indeed from tightening my shoe laces too tight… which is strange since I’ve been a runner for over 10 years and this has never happened before.  My new shoes are especially cushy, so I wonder if I just didn’t realize because of the shoe padding.  The guy at the Trak Shak said that it’s a good rule of thumb to work each cross lace by curling your toes for sufficient space.  It probably is a balancing act, b/c if you go too loose seems like your feet would slide forward hitting your toes on the front.  I never thought I’d have to think about how I was tying my shoes… but lo and behold, now I’m an expert.  🙂  Someone also told me another good tip yesterday – that most runner’s shoes are loose enough to slip in and out of without tying or untying.  I know a lot of TRI shoes are even laceless, so maybe I should look into that in the future too.

Last night I went to a great interval spin class that a friend of mine ended up randomly teaching.   It was effective cross-training that allowed my feet to heal a little more and let my running muscles fully recover from the weekend.  It also gave me a surge of energy that I wasn’t expecting!  Probably because it was a break from the normal routine.

All of this training and exercise is totally relative… there are some of you out there who probably think I’m a super hero, and there are others who think I’m still a novice.  Truth is, I’m both.  I’m a super hero because I push my own limits almost every day, and I’m a novice because there is always more to learn.  I’m going to make silly mistakes every now and then like tying my shoe laces too tight… but you know what?  I will learn from it and move on.  This is why I love endurance sports, there is always room to grow in every area.

At some point today I have a 6 mile run scheduled plus some strength work.  Tomorrow I rejoin Vero for our morning run since the weather will be a little warmer (but not much!).   It will be nice to be with her again… I’ve missed having my buddy!