Have  you ever been afraid of accidentally deleting something important off of your camera before getting the chance to upload it?  Well, that happened to me last night.  While trying to view the video Mike took while I got my book signed at the Rachael Ray event last night, I deleted the movie file.  It happened so fast… yet in slow motion.  The only thing I could do was yell, “Noooooooooooooo!”.  As my eyes started to fill up with tears, Mike quickly googled how to retrieve deleted files and downloaded some recovery software.  Neither of us were very hopeful, but we still had our fingers crossed.  After about 45 minutes & two tries, Mike was able to locate the video clip!  He is my hero.  🙂  Here it is without further adieu:

Speaking of Mike, in case you missed his post last night you can read it here.  He’s made some significant progress!

I skipped my morning run with Vero & Brandi today because I felt I needed the rest.  Instead I am going to run tomorrow (which was my original scheduled off day).  I’ve been working out pretty hard this week, so I needed a day to chill sooner than later.  It was nice to sleep in!

Yesterday at work we had holiday parties galore.  There was food everywhere, and I have to admit that I partook in the festivities.  🙂  Who says no to Italian holiday cookies?  Well, I usually do turn down sweets… but I chose not to on this occasion.  This means running a tight ship for the rest of the weekend!  Next week I will let myself have Christmas Eve off because there’s nothing better than having a glass of egg nog before Santa comes to town…