I just got in from my weekly long run and I still haven’t broken the 20 mile marker yet.  After mapping it out, I ran 18.5 today.  My goal was 19-20 miles, but I am very happy with what I ended up doing.  My dear friend Vero ran the first 9 with me (and ran a mile home for a total of 10) and I did the rest on my own.  I was so excited to get out there that I realized at mile 7 or so that I had left my car lock remote on top of my vehicle back at ground zero.  I went into panic mode, but Vero and I managed not to break stride.  I eventually got my husband Mike on the phone and he saved the day once again!  I am so lucky that my car wasn’t stolen.

The tops of my feet once again became problematic around mile 5 or 6, but they never got as bad as they did during last week’s long run.  It has to be the shoes.  Vero said it was worth spending another $100 just to avoid getting injured at this point.  At least I was able to push through today’s workout without hurting myself.

I’ve been seeking out some new nutrition for my longer runs, so this week I went to a local bike shop to see what they recommended.  I really, really hate eating Gu or any kind of gel… it tastes like hot snot to me and therefore hard to swallow without initiating a gag reflex.  So they recommended that I try Hammer Perpetuem, a dry powder that you mix into your water bottle.  I also grabbed some organic honey energy chews just for the heck of it.  The powder ended up tasting pretty terrible… but that might be because of the orange vanilla flavor I chose.  I am willing to give it another shot b/c it’s so easy to consume.  The organic energy chews were pretty fabulous – small, soft & very flavorful.  The only downside to those was that it took time to eat them.  Maybe I should just stop being a wimp and make myself get used to gels… because there really isn’t anything more efficient out there.  After doing some research online I found that the same company that makes the honey energy chews also makes a honey gel, so maybe that is worth a shot!

Tomorrow at work I’m going to look at my training schedule to see when my Half Ironman training starts up.  I believe it is December 26… which means I need to get a new swimsuit fast!

I have an unrealistic dream… but one that makes me happy to think about none-the-less.  I want to be Chrissie Wellington. Or at least be like Chrissie Wellington.  She embodies the true meaning of triathlon with grace & strength.  One of my ultimate heroes!  Read more about Chrissie here. I have to warn you… she’s pretty hot.

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