Merry Christmas!!  🙂

Yesterday while on my 20 mile long run I listened to half of Julie & Julia via book on tape.  It was my first time to listen to a book while running, and while I don’t think it did any favors to my pace it did succeed in distracting my mind for a little while.  Well, at least until about mile 16 when I came across a Japanese guy & black woman having a fight in the middle of the street with no one else around.   After I few seconds I was able to put the pieces together – he was the store owner of a wig shop accusing her of stealing a credit card… and he wasn’t going to let her go.  Then they fell into a bush.  Even the dispatcher was laughing when I called 911 because she could hear them yelling in the background.  It was pretty classic.  I love some good harmless drama to break up a run.  😉

Julie & Julia kind of freaked me out b/c of the striking similarities between my story and hers.  It was literally the first time I had ever listened/read the book, even though I had seen the movie (which was quite different).  While talking to my dad this morning, he made an interesting observation.  While he doesn’t even really know what a blog is, he said, “Wasn’t Doogie Howser the original blogger?”  I googled the show since it has literally been over a decade since I’ve seen it, and Doogie did in fact write journal entries every night into his computer to end each episode.  So maybe my movie can be called Doogie & Jen… but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.  😀

Here is a photo of myself blogging on this cozy Christmas morning sans make-up and still in my pj’s.  Happy Holiday you guys!!!

Merry Christmas!