Christmas was WONDERFUL up until last night when my dad and I & got into a fight over a Chicago style pizza.  Everyone was so tired… doing a whole lot of nothin’ in tight quarters for over 24 hours will give anyone cabin fever.  Without boring you with all of the details, Mike and I accidentally ate one of my dad’s pizzas that turned out to be a Christmas present from my future brother-in-law.  He had carefully packaged them (there were 4) in a cooler and drove the pizzas all the way down here himself.  Of course I wouldn’t have eaten the damn pizza if I knew its sentimental value… but it was already digesting in our stomachs when I discovered the severity of the situation.  My dad did his best to disguise his hurt feelings that eventually turned into anger, and when I got wind that he was upset I confronted him about it.  That’s when all hell broke loose – there were tears and I ended up leaving the house for the rest of the night.  All of the innocent bystanders were left bewildered & confused.  We eventually made-up via text message… and now it’s just downright funny that all of the drama was stirred up over a freakin’ sausage pizza.  Of course I’m sorry that I ate it, and of course he’s sorry that he let a large piece of dough w/ marinara sauce get him so worked up.  Ah – the joys of Christmas!!!  I am very grateful to have a family that rallies behind forgiveness when a silly fight like this one breaks out, and then have the sense of humor to laugh about it later.  😀

Today I am taking a “me” day full of relaxation & naps.  In between snoozes I’ll head to the gym to get in a 5-6 mile run & a 30 minute swim.  It’s gonna be just what the doctor ordered!!!


Snowing on Christmas day!