2010 has been a great year!  It was chock-full of positive self discovery and opportunities beyond my imagination.  At this exact time in 2009 I was about 50 pounds heavier and still interviewing for the job I have right now.  I had a lot of anxiety but remained hopeful for the year to come.  So in honor of 2010 & 2011, each day this week I am going to reveal a 2010 Flashback and a 2011 Quest (aka resolution).   This will leave me with a total of 7 Quests… which just so happens to be the working title of my book – The 7 Quests of Jen West.  That’s not an accident, I assure you.  So if 2012 is indeed the end of the world, I will have rocked it out in style.  🙂

2011 Quest #1:  I resolve to pursue my interest in becoming a paranormal investigator.

HA!  Yes, you heard me right… I want to investigate haunted places for ghosts.  🙂  Not as a career or anything, but just for fun & thrill of it.  I’ve always been fascinated with spirits and places with unusual energies.  As anyone from my childhood will tell you, we grew up in a beautiful old house that was indeed haunted – no question about it.   I even had my own theories on the different ghosts that lived there & why.  To this day I still drive by our old house when I am in the area and it’s just as spooky as ever.

I’m not really sure how to apply “action steps” to this unique quest.  It would be nice to figure out 4-5 different places to investigate during the year and just tackle them one by one.  I’d have to find one or two people to do it with me, so I’m currently taking volunteers.  🙂  We would have to get permission to spend the night and take all necessary safety precautions.  And best of all – I’m officially calling myself Ghost Ghirl.  SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED.  Maybe our old house can be the first investigation…

2010 Flashback #1:  Watching the birth of my first niece Anna Marie.

Before the moment Anna Marie came into this world, I had only seen live births from the safe distance of my television screen.  When my sister Christy & her husband Mike asked me to film the special event I was overcome with joy.  This was my chance to see it in person!  And it truly was a miracle.  Anna Marie entered this world surrounded by peace and love.  My own mother was standing next to me as it happened, which made me reflect on my own birth 31 years ago (Anna was born 4 days before my 31st birthday).  Life is such a wonderful gift!

Baby Anna Marie on February 13, 2010