Happy New Year!!!!!!!

New Year’s Eve was all I had hoped it would be – a nice semi-relaxed evening with my husband & friends!  We had a few people over for a casual wine & cheese gathering from 7-9, then we headed off to Bottega for a nice dinner with a group of about 10 people.  We were the only ones left in the restaurant at the stroke of midnight, which was really fun.  😀  We were all too tired to go dancing after that, so Mike and I went home and crashed. It was perfect!

As you will see from the photos, my hair style changed about three times over the course of the evening. I first attempted a very Snooky-like hairdo that one of my friends did not approve of at all.  So, in the middle of the party at our house I let him redo my hair in front of everyone.  He put my bangs back down for a very dramatic look.  That was great and all until it started poking me in the eyes in the middle of dinner, so I redid it a third time while at the restaurant.  Good times.  🙂

We had some AWESOME developments with Ghost Ghirls last night while talking over wine & cheese… and it’s going to be a pretty hysterical project.  More to come on that very soon, it’s not going to disappoint. 😀  Looks like we will do our first webisode at the end of January.

2011 Quest #6: I resolve to blog everyday of 2011.

You are probably thinking… big deal, you already do this! Well, it is very important for me to continue with my blogging efforts because it has truly changed my life.  I hope some of you out there consider starting one for yourself, it is a great way to have goal accountability and it also serves as a pretty awesome journal.  It doesn’t matter if your writing skills aren’t what you’d like them to be or if you don’t know a whole lot about how a blog works.  You will learn and get better as time goes by.  My blog started out very different from the way it is now, it was very grassroots and I could barely figure out how to make a post.  Give it a shot… you might just surprise yourself!

2010 Flashback #6:  Starting The Jen West Quest.

When my husband Mike suggested that I post a weekly photo of myself in a bikini on the internet for the world to see as a way to lose weight, I thought he was nuts.  It ended up being a genius idea though and made my weight-loss experience very unique.  It also helped me accept myself the way I was, even before one pound was even shed.  Looking back on that first post makes me smile, because I had no idea then what an impact it was going to have on my daily life.  I am now a blogger, and I LOVE IT.