Something strange has been happening the night before my long runs… I’ve been getting really scared and emotional in anticipation.  It’s like I can almost feel the exhaustion before it happens.  The good news is that I feel really great this morning and the sun is shining!  Conditions are perfect, and it’s business time. 😉  I’ve got a total of 21 miles to run and I even have some friends joining me again.  Vero will run the first 10 miles with me, then my younger cousin Kelly will join me for the last 11.

Before I go on to my last round of resolutions I wanted to share a story that was posted yesterday about my friend Stephen Vinson, who’s lost 230 pounds and has 170 to go.  He is so inspirational, check out the article here!  The first day Stephen and I met in person, we went up to Vulcan to shoot some fun photos.  He had lost what I weighed at the time, so he did a special blog post about our meeting that you can read here.  Congrats Stephen on all your success!!

2011 Quest #7:  I resolve to finish writing my first book .

I know one of the biggest thing I have to look forward to in 2011 is the completion of my book.  I feel deep in my soul that it will be life changing and could possibly open up a whole new world for me.  Now that I’ve become a little more realistic about my time line, I expect to be finished writing it in spring and will take the next steps by summertime.  The book will be based on the time frame that I wrote this blog, but it will also incorporate a lot of the behind-the-scenes that I didn’t write about.  There will be insights to our first year of marriage and what it’s like to literally have your body change before your very eyes.  I’m really excited to share it with you guys!

2010 Flashback #7:  Going on the Rachael Ray Show!

It’s official – my Rachael Ray CarbLovers Diet segment will air on January 20th!  This is one of the most thrilling things that happened to me in 2010.  Click here to watch the video from Magic City Post about my experience!

2010 Flashback #8:  Birmingham  Bombshell Photos

Sorry… I couldn’t resist adding one more flashback to 2010.  My Birmingham Bombshell photos were so important & special, they deserve an encore!  You can view them here.

Birmingham Bombshell Photos!