It’s back to work for me & lots of other folks in our area today.  I hope my car makes it out of our neighborhood because last night we spun out on a hill trying to get to a local pub down the street.  We ended up walking in the dark which was pretty fun & adventurous.  🙂

Looks like the weather this weekend is going to bounce back up to the 50’s which is GREAT news for my long run.  Woohoo!!!  I just need a few more good-luck days like those to keep my marathon training going strong.  The race is only 5 weekends away, which means that I have 3 long runs left. I’ll taper the weekend before to about half of the distance to prepare my body.

Have you ever thought about what you would do with your life/time if you were independently wealthy?  That may not be a healthy thing to think about, but I do it often.  Yesterday was the perfect time to ponder that question, since we were trapped inside by ice all day.  I managed to hike my way over to a local coffee shop about half a mile away, and spent some quality time with me to write & think.  My own answer to the question would be this:  If I were independently wealthy, I would spend my days training for Ironman races around the world while writing and working on creative projects in my off-time.  I would seek out enlightening experiences and learn as much as I could about other cultures & people.  That pretty much sounds like heaven.  What would you do in the same scenario?

Right about now, I am thanking my lucky stars that I have a bike trainer.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a stationary machine that holds your bike so you can ride indoors.  It’s awesome for winter weather when you can’t do much otherwise outdoors.  Plus you get the added benefit of riding your own bike, which is very important when training for big events.

While I’ve been writing this entry, it’s started to snow again pretty heavily and we got an email from work saying to come in when we feel like it is safe too.  I may give it an extra hour or two this morning just to be cautious.   Happy Tuesday everyone!


Riding on my bike trainer while watching Sex and the City! 🙂