Weigh-In Wednesday #41:  145.8

I woke up this morning with what seems like a cold… so big booooo on that. It was bound to happen with everyone around me being sick over the past few weeks… I just hope it doesn’t get any worse.  Right now I feel like I can still work & exercise as normal which is good news.

This morning I saw all of the snow that New York City got overnight, and it is just beautiful.  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to live there!  Something about the big city & bright lights.  It seems like a land of opportunity & amazing energy.   But until that day comes, Birmingham is a fabulous place to live in its own special way.

My running buddy Vero is back in town from the beach (she escaped the snow & ice) so tomorrow morning we are going to have our dance party in place of a run!  😀  E.x.c.i.t.e.d.  I looooooooooooooove to dance!  Love love love.  (But that doesn’t mean I’m any good at it…).   I’ll take a photo or two and maybe a short video clip!

Before I go, I want to give a quick book report.  I feel confident to say that I’ve finally nailed the outline/concept.  I’m going to start with day 1 of my blog and write about everything that has happened behind-the-scenes up to the moment when I finish my first Ironman this August.  It will be about weight-loss, the first year of marriage, accomplishing goals small & large, and self discovery.  It will simply be called, The Jen West Quest.  I hope that it will be funny, enlightening, and inspiring.   Since I don’t have an agent or an editor yet, I have several friends whom I trust a great deal that are going to help me polish it down once I have it all on paper.  Just thinking about holding a book in my hands that I’ve written gives me the chills…