It’s Friday, and I am feeling a little better!  I skipped exercise all together yesterday because I felt that I needed the rest.  I got in another 10 hours worth of sleep last night too, so I should be on the rise!  Watch out world!

Last night while surfing the web, I came across an interesting article on about a program called Crossfit Endurance.  You can read it here. The program immediately sparked my interest, and I found a local branch offering an introductory course this Saturday (please read a more specific description from the instructor, Justin, in the comments section of this post).  Being the impulsive freak that I am, I signed up and plopped down the $40.  While I don’t have a lot of money to be experimenting on things like this, I’ve been looking for ways to become a better athlete and step-up my game.  Even though I’m a very fit person and capable of training for big events on my own (Ironman, anyone?), I still feel like I am hovering in a certain class of fitness. I want to be better & stronger.  It’s hard for me to type what I’m about to say without hearing laughter off in the distance… but I want to be an age grouper.   And ultimately, I want to make it to Kona someday.  (The Ironman World Championships are in Kona each year and you have to quality in order to participate.)  That is a long-term dream!!

For those of you who are my friend on Facebook, you may have seen the Rachael Ray Show date drama unfold first hand yesterday afternoon.  I heard from them out of the blue saying that the date had been changed to January 18th, but within the hour they had changed it back to January 20th (the original air date).  Sorry for the confusion… just pretend like none of that ever happened!  For those of you who might miss the show live, I will have it up on YouTube by the next morning’s blog post.  So we can all bask in my pale skin’s glory together!! 😀

I am ordering my new Jen West Quest logo running shirt today, so I will share the image of what it looks like with you guys tomorrow morning!  I may even do a sneak peek on Twitter today if any of you follow me there.  Happy Friday!