Last night over dinner, I asked my friend David (Vero’s husband) if he’d ever considered writing a book.  David is one of the most well-read people I know, full of amazing stories waiting to told.   I couldn’t tell if he had ever given it much thought, but the idea definitely intrigued him.  Which leads me to the point of sharing this story.  I then half jokingly asked him if it would be a love story.  He paused, then said – Isn’t everything a love story? I don’t know why, but that simple yet profound statement brought me great comfort.  It’s true, everything is a love story.

This has been a pretty powerful week full of highs & lows.  I’ve been battling a stupid cold for several days, so that counts as my lowest low.  My highest high was Monday at the coffee shop while working on my book.  Everyone was iced-in and the city came to a complete stop.  It was a peaceful day full of creative energy and peace.

Continuing on the scattered nature of today’s post, I have three more thoughts that I’d like to share before we go our separate ways.

1.  If I ever become famous & learn how to act (because I certainly can’t at the moment), I would love to play Wonder Woman in a film.  Or at least be her for Halloween one year.  😀

2.  I worked on a Jen West Quest logo yesterday for a potential running shirt (see image below, click to enlarge).  However, I’m having second thoughts on the need in general and because of the fact that no one is going to be able to read it while I’m running anyway.  Maybe I should just keep it simple and put “Run Jenny, RUN!”  I’m open to suggestions, so if you have any running shirt ideas please leave me a comment or send a direct message on FB or Twitter.

3.  Toooooootally random, but I’m volunteering my Tarot card reading services at Vero’s next art gallery event on February 4th.  😀  Yes, I read Tarot cards.  Are you really that surprised since I’m so obsessed with the future?  So if you want a possibly inaccurate but entertaining free reading, come by and see what’s in the cards…


The Jen West Quest Logo Options (click to enlarge)




Pick me! Pick me!




An accurate portrait of our dear friends David & Vero.