It’s so strange… when I first started this blog, I never thought in a million years that I would have as many readers as I do today.  While I may have hoped that people would eventually start checking in from time to time, my main motivation was always to get healthier and change my life.  Not only did I blow my original goals out of the water, I’m already working on new ones!  My body is different, my abilities are greater, and the possibilities are endless… all thanks to sticking with the program.

Every now and then I have sensitive days where I have to ask for positive reinforcement to soothe some of the anxieties in my head.  We all know that Thursday is a big day for me, an opportunity to show what I’ve got to a whole new audience.  Will these new readers like my blog?  Will I do good on Rachael Ray, or will I be a goober?  What happens after the show airs?  This is your cue to slap me and shake really, really hard.

None of that matters.  Well, it does matter, but what matters more is continuing on my Quest.  What matters is maintaining my weight.  What matters is finishing my first Ironman this year.  What matters is completing my book.  What matters, is that I matter.  I started this blog for me.  And as long as I stay true to myself and keep accomplishing my goals, then all will be right in the world.

End pep talk.

In all honesty, I have high hopes for the future.  I want to be a great writer both on this blog and through my book.  I want this journey to eventually turn into some sort of career opportunity.  I want to defy the odds and become a capable athlete.  I know what life is able to offer those who work hard for their dreams, and I’m going to put forth a huge effort.  However, saying such things makes me feel extremely vulnerable.  I know failure is always a part of success.  So there is only one thing to do… to steal a quote from my dear friend Tabitha Boyd – Breasts out, tummies in, and walk it out! Snap, snap!  True that, sista.  Confidence is everything, because you don’t believe in yourself… who will?