Wow, taking a Friday off is the way to go!!  I camped out at a local coffee shop and enjoyed the time off to myself by replying to comments & posts from the day before.  It took about 6 hours to respond to everyone!!  Thanks again for taking the time to write me, I really appreciate every single one of you. 🙂

There are a few more questions that I would like to answer in addition to the ones from yesterday:

How tall are you?  You seem pretty lean for 145.
I am 5’10”, so that makes a pretty big difference!  I currently have a BMI of 20.8.

How much do you exercise?
This is a really great question.  I have always been very active, but I took a month off from exercise when I started Carb Lovers because I really wanted to focus on my diet.  After a few weeks in, I started to slowly incorporate running back into my weekly schedule.  Now, I am training for my first marathon in just a few weeks!  I also plan to complete my first Ironman distance this August.

What do you eat on a typical day?
While I was still losing my 47 pounds, I counted my calories every day on MyPlate ( and followed Carb Lovers exactly.  Now that I am in a maintenance phase, I am much less restrictive.  I only count my calories Monday – Friday, but I still follow Carb Lovers pretty closely… because it really is a way of life.  I eat a high fiber cereal in the mornings with 1% milk, then usually an Amy’s Vegetarian Whole Meal for lunch, and dinner can range anywhere from a baked potato w/ greek yogurt & 2% cheddar or a big yummy salad with black beans & avocado.  For snacks I like to stick with TLC’s oatmeal raisin cookies or corn tortilla chips.

My plans for today are pretty glorious!  I’m going to head to the local coffee shop again to do some planning & work on my book and Ghost Ghirls.  Then later on I’m going to get a 60 minute bike workout in along with a strength session.  Tomorrow is my 21 mile long run, and Vero & Brandi will be joining me for the first 10 miles.  I’m a little nervous about it since I missed last weekend’s long run due to being sick, but I’m sure I will be OK.  While we are on the topic of exercise, I have to speak the praises of doing push-ups.  I used to hate, hate, HATE doing them… and now that I can actually do about 40, I adore them!  My upper body has changed so much just from that alone.  So cool!!!  Now, drop and give me 20!  🙂

We had a really wonderful evening last night at Vero’s Naked Art Gallery for the monthly 3rd Friday in Forest Park!  Mostly because I discovered Sneaters… these freakin’ adorable little stuffed animals made from recycled sweaters by artist Colleen Casey of Atlanta.  I now have one of my very own!!!!  😀  Maybe my Sneater can be the new mascot for The Jen West Quest!  😀  I’m thinking that’s a pretty fantastic plan…