Some pretty cool things have been happening behind-the-scenes over the past few days in regards to my sports goals for 2011!  I will share the details in the next few weeks once everything is set in stone, but looks like I am going to have some major training & sports nutrition support for my Ironman this August.   Ahhhhh!!!!  My goal of becoming an age grouper might not be totally out of grasp after all.  Seriously… if I reach that kind of level in triathlon, I may have reached the peak of happiness!!  It’s pretty amazing to know that it’s a real possibility.

Speaking of goals & dreams, I have another one I’d like to share that’s been under wraps for a year or two now.  I am pretty obsessed with Triathlete Magazine’s annual swimsuit issue that comes out in June (I believe).  Well, each year they have an online contest where athletes can compete to be a model in this very issue!  They always do the shoot in some exotic location and the models also participate in a local triathlon while there.  You can view the Miss Triathlete for 2010 by clicking here.  Maybe 2011 or 2012 is calling my name???  It will be fun to try if nothing else!

I have some Ghost Ghirls & book updates to share with you guys for tomorrow’s post.  As for right now, I need to scram… about to head out for my 21 mile long run!   🙂  Wish me luck!


Sneater came to visit me on my indoor bike ride last night!




Sneater likes yogurt bars. 🙂