Here is my final list of female mentors and role models!  😀

Alison Crook Hulsey: Geez, I’ve been obsessed with Alison for years.  🙂  I don’t remember how or when I met her several years back, but she instantly became a hero of mine.  She’s an accomplished road & trail runner, always placing or winning her age group no matter what race she enters (and that includes the 50k variety!!).  She always pushes herself to be the best athlete she can be, no matter what the circumstances are in her life.  Since she is a private person, I won’t go into detail on what makes her specifically so amazing… but just know that not everyone has gone through what this strong woman already has at such a young age.  What would crush some has made her rise above the rest.  She comes from a family of athletes – her dad was a great triathlete in his day and her sister a fellow running super star.  Alison is also a nutritionist… which leads me to some exciting news: Alison and her business partner Stephanie Nix Denney are going to come on board The Jen West Quest as my sports nutritionists!!!  This is especially huge because of Alison’s background as a top athlete.  I am very excited about this partnership and can’t wait to share what I learn from them!  I’m going to track all of my meals, workouts, & sleep this coming week as a starting point.  Alison already gave me some huge advice for my upcoming marathon in 2 weeks that I will share with you guys tomorrow.  🙂

Chrissie Wellington: Ah, the Goddess of Triathlon!!   I love her for several reasons:  1.  She has an amazing attitude & spirit which is immediately apparent from any photo taken of her.  2.  Not only does she kick ass & take names in the professional women’s division, she also out-races professional men.   3.  She has no limits. Enough said.  Learn more about Chrissie Wellington here. She will inspire you no matter what your interests are.

Lou Lacey & Andrea Martin: I grouped these two together b/c they are almost the same person in my mind & heart.  I work with both of these ladies in some capacity at my current job.  Both are strong examples of how to be a successful woman without selling your soul.   The instant I met Lou Lacey I fell in love… she is a beautiful person whose life purpose is to help and inspire others.  That’s literally her job, too.  She counsels employees who are grieving or in emotional distress… and you can imagine what that would be like working at a hospital for children.  In a recent past life she counseled children & their families dealing with physical & emotional abuse.  It takes a special kind of person to take that on.   I see Andrea Martin on a day-to-day basis, and she instantly became an important mentor of mine.  She is a true example of what hard work and an aggressive, yet graceful, attitude will get you in life.  When I feel uninspired or weak, I think of her and instantly become stronger.  I’m so lucky to have these two women in my life!

Veronique Vanblaere: It’s no secret that I’m president of the Vero fan club.  🙂  She is my eternal running partner & friend.  I added her to this list for one specific reason – she is a free spirit.  I admire her ability to live life exactly the way she wants to.  She follows her own rules and gets more stuff done on any given day than most of us do in a week.  Here are just a few of the things I love about her:  1.  She is from Belgium.  🙂  2.  She loves to incorporate greek yogurt into everything she eats.  Serioulsy… she really, really does.  3.   She is a successful business owner of an art gallery.  4.  She makes time to exercise despite her busy schedule.  5.  She and her partner David have been together for 14 years, but have chosen to not get married.  Not because they don’t love each other tremendously, but because it isn’t necessary to make them happy.  That’s a bold & powerful statement that I respect.  You can read more about Vero by clicking here.

I am sure I forgot an important mentor or role model somewhere in the mix, but these are definitely my top chicks.  Thanks to all of you for being an inspiration!!!


Alison Crook Hulsey (pictured in the middle)




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